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Головна Статьи Что такое PRP?

What is PRP?

In our article, try to understand what is PRP and what does it do?

So, if you translate

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP),

this means platelet rich plasma.

I believe that the plasma having a platelet concentration in the plasma of 1 000 000/µl is enriched with platelets and that this plasma exhibits anti-aging and regenerative properties.

The predecessor of autolackiererei is autohemotherapy. Method autohemotherapy is widely used since 1905 when first creating iskustvennyi hematoma

treated fracture. Further autohemotherapy widely used in cosmetology and dermatology. The doctor applied autohemotherapy to strengthen the immune functions of the body, frequent boils,systemic diseases, etc. Easy to use and almost impossible to harm the patient makes this method versatile. Was carried out autohaemotherapy is very simple, made the fence the whole blood from a vein and quickly injected it intramuscularly, until the blood had time to coagulate. The rate applied of 10-12 procedures, the scheme was painted by the doctor individually for each patient. Sometimes the doctors observed the effects of therapy, sometimes changes there were not any. From side effects,it was observed inflammatory reaction at the injection site,soreness.

In consequence of the method began to be abandoned,as there was no research to prove the effectiveness of the method of autohemotherapy and in most cases believed its effect is placebo effect. But the topic was still interesting, as was described positive effects of autohemotherapy, and the simplicity and harmlessness of the method was bribed. Then studies have been conducted in which vyyanilos that negative copalitilla reaction was caused by the fact that krof was introduced and the whole was like a breeding ground for microorganisms and cell LeEcocity,red blood cells administered subcutaneously,intramuscularly caused these negative reactions, and the therapeutic effect they had in the course of the research it was proved that platelets had effects in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the tissues and their concentration depended on the success of autolackiererei.

The method was named PRP-therapy, in the future, in different countries, every doctor who made some own LEP, tried to patent his method, so there is the plasmolifting method (patented in Russia), etc.

Over time about the method of PRP therapy is becoming more information on the methods of correct fence using needles for vacuum blood collection, needle-"butterfly" for plasmolifting, also equally important is a properly chosen tube for PRP therapy. Also for the early bone regeneration prosthetics and treatment of fractures, learned to activate the plasma activators of clotting , such as calcium chloride and thrombin.

Equally important is the centrifuge for PRP therapy, the main parameters of concern,the fact that the centrifuge must give not less than 3,000 rpm, as well as the fact that the tubes in her dlzhny to be tilted. For ease of use of the centrifuge for PRP therapy, it needs to be low noise and compact.

At this time, PRP-thoserapey carried out in various fields of medicine :

- in gynecology for the treatment of chronic diseases

- in urology (inflammation,intimate plasmolifting)

- in cosmetics (treatment of acne,alopecia, facial skin rejuvenation,skin rejuvenation of hands,neck)

- in dentistry and celosno surgery (treatment of fractures of the jaw,fistulas,scarring etc)

in traumatology (treatment of fractures,sprains,scars, treatment of non-healing wounds,injuries to muscles and tendons, etc.)

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