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In category stock daily updating of promotional products, medical equipment discounts,
discount medical products and products, as well as sales of medical furniture,
laboratory equipment, consumables, used in medicine.
Every day there are exciting promotions, contests, sales.
Follow the events section on the website LLC "FISK"-
you will find many interesting and interesting proposals in medicine.
Also see the restored medical equipment,
demo version of ultrasonic diagnostic apparatuses,
rebuilt x-ray equipment, endoscopic equipment and ultrasound scanners on the exchange.
The characteristic features of our medical equipment is extraordinary durability and reliability.
It happens that some institutions, laboratory or medical, continue to use the device
which were set several years ago.
In Ukraine, there is astute authorized service database,
to guarantee timely,quality repairs.
We also have a network of dealers and retailers represent our products throughout the country.
All used and reconditioned equipment we give a guarantee from our service center,
therefore, buying new medical equipment You may also have a guarantee on it.
Hurry up to buy medical equipment at competitive prices!