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Disposable products in medicine

In helping patients is a lot of manipulation using disposable products.
One of the methods of treatment is infusion. The method consists in the slow introduction of dissolved drugs in the system of vessels.
Infusion therapy is used to introduce necessary medications and nutrient delivery,
to restore the lost fluid or blood volume.
When intravenous infusion solutions the infusion system is used,
for the manufacture of which uses high-quality non-toxic materials.
Surgical procedure called catheterization involves the introduction of catheters
in the natural channels of the human body and in the blood vessels or the lymphatic system.
Online shop "FISK" provides medical institutions to purchase the intravenous catheter and other kinds of disposable medical products.
The design of the catheter is represented by a needle and a tube with a small diameter that is used for the injection of solutions of medicines.
Apply an intravenous catheter during long-term infusion administration of medications, transfusion of blood and detoxification of the body, to restore water balance.
The most popular product is the syringeused for intramuscular and intravenous medications.
With their help even pathological aspirated fluid from the body.
Diabetics use an insulin syringe, which is designed to perform a subcutaneous injection.
Biopsy involves sampling tissue from the body.
To perform the procedure using needle biopsy.
In the catalog store "FISK" presents disposable medical devices for various purposes at affordable prices.